Wer ist...?
Wer ist...?

Wer ist...?

Documentary series for the ZDFinfo Youtube channel • 1 episode (15 minutes)

Wer ist...? portrays controversial, abysmal, dazzling, important personalities from Germany and abroad, provides background information, satisfies the curiosity of our target group, is visually strong, entertaining and at the same time highly informative.

Wer ist... Xi Jinping?

Xi Jinping is perhaps the most powerful man in the world today. And this despite the fact that the Chinese Communist Party initially rejected his party bid nine times.

Who is the Chinese president who emulates Mao Zedong, even though he bullied his family? Who takes action against the corrupt party elite and is sung about today in pop songs like "If you want to marry, marry someone like Xi Dada".

Wer ist... Kim Yo-jong?

She is the sister of North Korea's dictator Kim Jong-un and also his closest advisor. Kim Yo-jong has long been considered North Korea's secret number two.

But almost nothing is known about her. Not even her year of birth is known. Who is the woman who is not allowed to speak publicly, but who pulls the strings from behind the scenes? Who is the dictator's prompter? Who is Kim Yo-jong?

Wer ist... Alexander Lukashenko?

He calls himself the "little father" of the Belarusians, others call him the last dictator of Europe, who wants to put pressure on the EU on the back of refugees.

Who is the Belarusian president who grew up in poverty and to this day makes no secret of how much he regrets the fall of the Soviet Union? Ice hockey fan and Corona denier, Putin friend and refugee smuggler - who is Alexander Lukashenko?